Staying strong and staying sane:
A holistic approach to your humanity in the working world

An event series in collaboration with Ultimate Performance Amsterdam
Once a Month | Amsterdam

Being a part of modern working life isn’t always easy, and the pressure can get the best of the best of us. Through six events we will provide you with tools for resillience, ways to not only cope but to thrive, along with insight into how our daily physical environment affects us.

Join us for these informal talks in the heart of Amsterdam and learn about the mind-body-space connection, how you can achieve balance and why your physical workspace matters.

Event 01: Of sound body and mind - 21.11.2019

How are your physical and mental health linked? How can improvement of one affect the other, and what about the reverse: how does your body suffer from poor mental health? Can we design workplaces that enhance our health? During this talk we will provide you with tools to improve all three aspects: Body, Mind and Space.

Event 02: Human, Keep thy cool - December 2019 

Just in time for the Christmas season, we discuss tools and techniques to manage stress and the pressures of life. Learn to perform under pressure without grinding your teeth every night, and how to use training as a ventilation valve. Does your working environment help or hinder? We discuss spatial features that affect the fight-or-flight mode, and where to seek out serenity.

Event 03: Feeding the machine - January 2020

What does your body require to function optimally? What should you eat and when in order to be productive and energetic? How does food affect our mental state, and what about the environment we eat within? How does the dining experience affect our social bonds and team loyalty?

Event 04: Stand up straight - February 2020 

The average person spends 6.2 hours a day sitting down, and it’s making us sick. How exactly does it affect us, and how do our spines feel about it? If we improve our posture, what happens to our nervous system? Why does the workplace not cater to a larger variety of positions when humans are designed for movement, and how can we change that?

Event 05: It doesn’t have to be a fight, and they might be right - March 2020 

Going into discussions all guns blazing is rarely a productive mindset. During this open conversation we will discuss ways to have constructive conversations and discussions, and how to find empathy in disagreement. Learn to understand why others have another view, and how to understand their priorities so you can reach common ground and productive solutions.

Event 06: Topic to be announced - April 2020 (Separate ticket page) 
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Staying strong and staying sane
Wellbeing event by Gather Design & PT 

21.11.2019 | 18:00 - 20:00 
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