Creating common ground - AMC Networks HQ

Under Morgan Lovell

London, United Kingdom

2500 m2

Office/Commercial, 2017

The Brief

• Consolidation of three separate parts of the business into one building      • Creating a brand experience 
• Keeping the sense of family, but extending the relationships across teams to increase collaboration
• 100% reduction in management offices, promoting an egalitarian culture
• Creating ad-hoc meeting places and central ancillary spaces to encourage collaboration and breaks from the open plan
• Create a better impression within the industry in order to better compete with other employers
• Strengthen brand loyalty to aid retention



Between November 2015 and January 2017, I worked with AMC Networks to transform their London Headquarters in Queen’s Park, London. Not only were their existing premises (105, 107 and the ground floor of 111 Salusbury Road) worn-down and in dire need of a complete refurbishment, the company’s changing strategies were not supported by the facilities. Teams reported severe lack of meeting spaces, not enough areas in which to collaborate and a non-existant contact between teams. As their staff occupied three buildings, the teams were separated both physically and culturally. So much so, that during our first workshops many of them meteach other for the very first time!
Considering that they would be moving together into 25,000 ft2 in 111 Salusbury Road, it was imperative that the project looked after the social and collaborative aspects of their working day as well as the strictly functional. Morgan Lovell took AMC through a study of their existing premises and
working practices and created a brief that captured their desires, requirements and ambitions. This included interviews, workshops, team building days and naming Change Champions from each team to carry the message and help the staff through the move.

Key layout choices

By opening up the ground floor and creating a pantry hub immediately at arrival, we created a welcoming vibe for staff and visitors alike. The IT team are also located in this area, and their new helpdesk makes them more accessible and valuable to the overall population. The addition of an accommodation staircase adds flow to the whole building and is an impressive invitation to join the world of AMC. 

Central coffee points were placed on each level and include casual meeting areas where teams now meet for their daily catchup or end-of-week de-brief. 

All senior staff were included in the open plan space, bringing them out from an ingrained private office culture. To balance the requirement for privacy, phone booths and small meeting rooms are scattered throughout the levels.